Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship plays a large role in the lives of our students. As students begin to find their way in the digital world our staff is dedicated to helping them sort through the many pathways that are available and teach them the strategies they will need to be successful in a digital world. School District teachers come in to present to our Intermediate classes with the teachers then following up with hands on lessons for the students to practice what they have learned.

Students in grade 6 will be given an I-pad this school year for educational purposes. Use of these devices is a privilege, and their use is at the discretion of the teacher and school administration. The CWT district teacher collaborates with the classroom teacher and together they guide and teach the students how to be successful learners in the digital world. The Learn60 Digital Citizenship Presentation is also given to all Grade 6-8 students and teachers are using the Erase Bullying website to help their students learn more about Bullying, including CyberBullying. Our Aboriginal Support Workers will also be hosting a Cyberbullying workshop with RCMP members as guest speakers. All our k-5 teachers use the K-5 Digital Literacy Scope and Sequence. These teachers work together with our teacher/librarian to help do some of the teaching directly in the computer lab.

All students (and their parents) that will be accessing computers are asked to sign a user agreement at the beginning of the school year, indicating that they will be responsible citizens when using any device that can access the internet.