• Winter Carnival Quebec Style!

    For the past number of years, Cathy Coles, with the assistance of students enrolled in French 8 Language classes, have organized a Winter Carnival with a Quebec, Metis, or ‘Habitants’ Theme.  Each year, students thoroughly enjoy this event which includes activities such as Toboggan Pull,

  • Upper Pine Science Fair 2015

    Science Fair 2015
    On Friday, February 20, the School Gym was transformed into the Science Fair with many intriguing displays and students eager to share their projects and findings with Science Fair judges, fellow students are various other members of the school community.

  • Welcome Back!

    Welcome Back!
    Mrs. Holland has returned to our school after a three month absence, with her shoulder joint repaired and almost as good as new.  However, her Doctor did emphasize that she is not to shovel snow!