• Breakfast program is beginning.

    Do you like to work in the kitchen OR do you like to help out and someone else tells you what to do in the kitchen? we have an opportunity for you, the breakfast program […]

  • Relay for Life

    Thank you to Madison, Sophia and Hudson Hiebert for organizing the Relay for Life that was held at our school yesterday. Here is a short video that takes you through one of the stations. It […]

  • Upcoming Events

    Please check out our calendar as there are many different activities that will begin to be scheduled for the next 3 months. Of course we will be following all our provincial COVID protocols for each […]

  • Superintendent’s February Report

    Please see the following link for the Superintendent’s Report – February 2021 … https://togetherwelearn.prn.bc.ca/2021/02/19/superintendents-report-february-2021/

  • Skating rink is operational.

    January 7, 2021

    Good news. Our new skating rink has ice. The students have begun using the new rink and are very excited to be able to get out for a skate.

  • Upper Pine’s Virtual Christmas Concert

    December 18, 2020

    Please enjoy the videos produced by our students this year. You will also find bonus videos of the staff introducing themselves and letting you know a little about themselves. Presentation Link  

  • Jump Start to Learning

    Jump Start To Learning  The Legend of the Northern Lights Here are some Links to oral language videos and activities to get you started….  The Gingerbread Man Story The Retelling of Gingerbread Man Activity  How […]